Building a brand is like building a home

> 16 05 2016 #tv

Daddy’s not here…”

With some topics, getting the message across can be tricky. It’s the case with Tasectan, a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of… diarrhoea!

Yet Tasectan pulled it off with this new TV advert, which follows on the story already developed two years ago for the radio and which revolves around the same concept: daddy misses out on all the good times, simply because he’s stuck… in the toilet.

> 01 03 2016

L!ELENS grieves

Jacques Lielens, founder of the advertising agency that bears his name passed away on Monday, February 29, 2016 at the age of 76.

Jacques Lielens was one of the greatest names in his profession, and was the founder of the Lielens agency in 1972, during the heyday of a profession that would become his passion. For 44 years, no effort was spared by Jacques Lielens in order to develop his agency into what it is today, namely a communications agency that is independent, still 100% Belgian, and employs 45 professionals.

Lielens' 45 employees have today suffered a great loss. Although Jacques Lielens had, to some extent, left the agency's field of operations in recent years, he nonetheless remained Chairman of the Board, and a shareholder, and above all, continued to be particularly passionate about the company. Of course he was always passionate about the communications business, but he also cared deeply about people. Setting aside his professional achievements and his many projects, we especially remember the man himself and the values ​​he embodied. An honest man, who was generous, creative and a true entrepreneur, Jacques was also a witty man, gifted with the ability to inspire enthusiasm in others. He was an inspiring and motivational leader and all those who knew him, near and far, whether they had known him for a long time or had only recently met him, found him to be a thoroughly genuine and generous man.

It is with deep regret that we must turn the page. The show must go on.

The Lielens agency which bears his name, is something which should make him proud, and that we can be proud of too.


André Dusausoy, managing director of the Lielens agency, members of the Board of Directors and all of the agency’s employees send their deepest condolences to his family.

One day, Jacques said: "The journey is more important than the destination"... Jacques Lielens’ life has been a truly wonderful journey.

> 17 08 2015

EUROCENTER changes recipe with LIELENS

EUROCENTER, the household appliances retailer which has been present in Belgium for over 20 years and which has 25 stores in Wallonia and Brussels, has left the past behind and is launching a new concept store: KITCHEN MARKET.

The new trading name’s aim is to become THE large kitchen retailer. It will offer “everything for the kitchen” as the product strategy of the new trading name revolves around 4 divisions:

  • Fitted kitchens that are well-designed and affordable (from €1.800)
  • All kitchen appliances
  • A boutique dedicated to kitchen utensils and accessories (shop in the shop Alice Délice)
  • Cookery classes (Kitchen Market Academy)

KITCHEN MARKET will be the “one-stop-shopping” place for the kitchen, devoted to the pleasure of cooking at the best price.

LIELENS Agency is supporting EUROCENTER in its brand name change to KITCHEN MARKET. Support includes general strategy and product division, design of the brand and logo, graphic charter, design of free promotional leaflets, radio campaign (from October), website and TV campaign (from November). 

Kitchen Market
> 16 06 2015 #multi-channel

L!ELENS wins Orchestra

Following a pitch based on the creation, design and production of the 424-page annual catalogue for the Belgian, French and Swiss markets, the retail chain Orchestra chose L!ELENS as their Belgian agency for the next two years. Orchestra is the European leader in baby products, maternity and children’s fashion stores. This French group is present in 50 countries and has 800 shops throughout the world. In 2013, Orchestra bought the former Belgian retail chain Prémaman.

As their slogan is “Orchestra, welcome to the world of parenting”, we are very proud to announce: “Orchestra, welcome to the world of this agency!

> 28 04 2015

Quiet on the set!

This is the third episode of the "Metamorphosis" saga showing used batteries receiving a new lease of life. And it is thanks to this gesture that we are able to protect the planet.

The latest episodes nevertheless introduce some new features, such as a more human quality, a more realistic environment and a slightly different storyline etc, however everything remains in keeping with the original episodes.