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> 20 10 2016

LIELENS is looking for an Account Manager

L!ELENS is a full-service communication agency in Brussels that has been active in Belgium for over 40 years. Our client portfolio is highly diverse; at the moment, we’re working for Nestlé, Bel, Mars, Shell Express, Sony Pictures, just to name a few. In order to grow even further, Lielens is looking for an account manager to join the team.


Job description

Within the advertising agency, you will be responsible for a good relationship between the agency and the client. This means that you will maintain contact with the clients and ensure the quality of the service. You can make the clients excited about the ideas and campaigns of your agency.

Your priority is to get to know the clients’ portfolios and goals inside out. In cooperation with your clients, you will critically analyse the briefings with a focus on their marketing goals. You can also detect opportunities for the clients. You will know exactly what role Lielens can play in that as a communication agency.

You will also party perform operational work: you will make sure that a certain advertisement is printed in the newspaper, that a radio commercial is being played... The responsibility for the assignments lies with you; you will be the contact person for the clients from the briefing until the final product and you will keep the project on track. You will also be responsible for the administrative processing; from drawing up a cost estimate and retrospective scheduling to the final invoicing. With big clients, you will receive support from an account executive.



We are looking for somebody who is passionate about communication, somebody who is curious, who wants to continue learning and share their knowledge with the clients and the team. Somebody with a strong emphatic capacity, who is effortlessly sensitive to the needs of the clients and their end customers, in other words, somebody who is truly involved in the assignments.

We are looking for a critical thinker; somebody who is not afraid to question the briefings and the feedback of the clients, or the ideas and proposals from the agency. Somebody who can reach the best results in a professional and collegiate manner. Commercial people that want to take initiative and responsibility will get that chance, and will be supported by the account director in order to grow. As some of our clients are French, we are looking for somebody with a good command of the French language.

Are you interested in this position or would you like to know more? Please contact Els Meyvaert.

> 13 09 2016

Cheeses from Switzerland at the table with L!ELENS

Following an agency competition at the end of 2015, L!ELENS is proud to welcome a jewel of gastronomy, authenticity and know-how: Cheeses from Switzerland.

The agency has been entrusted with the communications and promotion of famous Cheeses from Switzerland: PDO Gruyère, Zwitserland Emmental, Appenzeller, but also other cheese specialities such as Raclette, Tête de Moine, Vaudoise Tomme and Vacherin. A full strategy of generic communication to promote Swiss cheeses and targeted actions concerning the designations will start immediately and continue throughout 2016.

> 16 05 2016 #tv

Daddy’s not here…”

With some topics, getting the message across can be tricky. It’s the case with Tasectan, a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of… diarrhoea!

Yet Tasectan pulled it off with this new TV advert, which follows on the story already developed two years ago for the radio and which revolves around the same concept: daddy misses out on all the good times, simply because he’s stuck… in the toilet.

> 16 06 2015 #multi-channel

L!ELENS wins Orchestra

Following a pitch based on the creation, design and production of the 424-page annual catalogue for the Belgian, French and Swiss markets, the retail chain Orchestra chose L!ELENS as their Belgian agency for the next two years. Orchestra is the European leader in baby products, maternity and children’s fashion stores. This French group is present in 50 countries and has 800 shops throughout the world. In 2013, Orchestra bought the former Belgian retail chain Prémaman.

As their slogan is “Orchestra, welcome to the world of parenting”, we are very proud to announce: “Orchestra, welcome to the world of this agency!

> 28 04 2015

Quiet on the set!

This is the third episode of the "Metamorphosis" saga showing used batteries receiving a new lease of life. And it is thanks to this gesture that we are able to protect the planet.

The latest episodes nevertheless introduce some new features, such as a more human quality, a more realistic environment and a slightly different storyline etc, however everything remains in keeping with the original episodes.