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06/11/2018 #billboard

Gruyère AOP, a partner to Lielens from generation to generation

Swiss cheeses have been Lielens loyal clients for three years and have decided to launch a new large-scale campaign for one of their flagship products: Gruyère AOP. 

Gruyère is probably the most well-known cheese in the world. Recognition that has earned it the AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) label, ensuring that quality products are produced, processed and created in the region of origin. In the lush, plentiful valleys of the Fribourg Canton, is a small village whose name will excite your taste buds: Gruyères. It is here that the famous cheese with its unique, refined flavour has been produced, based on an unchanged recipe, since 1115. 

It is precisely this tradition that the campaign seeks to highlight: in a world of constant change, there is still a reliable asset: high-quality, unique Gruyère AOP. The images depict the famous cheesemaker’s son. The first images will appear on several More O’Ferralls in the week starting 5th November. 


Client : Switzerland Cheese Marketing, Vincent Bresmal, Jenna Vanslambrouck
Agency: Lielens
Creative Director : Frederic Pousset
Art Director : Frédéric Pousset / Yves Compère
Copywriter : Frédéric Pousset
Photography/ Retouching : Tom Swaelens
Accounts : Deborah Vandenkerckhof, Sandra Wille
Prepress : Elodie Latorrata



27/06/2018 #billboard #radio

Golden Palace and L!ELENS bet on reds!

And no… not the Red Devils!

L!ELENS developed a new campaign for Golden Palace with the title: "Bet everything on red!s” 

While the whole world is going crazy over football, Golden Palace Casino & Sports show us that there is more to life than football. 

The term “red” in the title does not refer to our Devil's football shirts but to the red areas on a roulette table. The radio campaign also gives the floor to a sports journalist who reports on a game of roulette.

Golden Palace offers relaxation and entertainment in one of its 45 gaming rooms or online platform. Don’t wait: you’ll get a 500-euro bonus!

Golden Palace et  L!ELENS misent tout sur les rouges !
27/06/2018 #activation

Picnic Table Promotion 2018

After five successful years, the playground promotion has finally come to an end. There are now around 10 playgrounds all over Belgium made out of eco-friendly materials.

Since there is a great sense of belonging in the municipalities, we have launched a new collection promotion: “Win picnic tables for your municipality”. This year it is time for the municipalities of West Flanders and Namur to give it a go. From the 1st of June to the 30th of June, 45 municipalities will be hunting for batteries to get the opportunity to get picnic tables made out of recycled material. In September, we will announce the 2 winning municipalities. 

L!ELENS developed this project, from A to Z, together with Bebat, from the concept, to contacting the council officials, to placing the picnic tables. 




27/06/2018 #activation #PoS

Back to School

September is always an important time of year for Alpro. Since children go back to school. So the link to Alpro sounds perfectly logical but nevertheless, for two years now, Alpro has been using an adapted strategy. Children are not allowed to take as many soft drinks and flavoured drinks to school. That’s why Alpro focuses more on afternoon snack time. After a long day at school the children can treat themselves to a natural drink full of flavour. That is where the new concept comes from: “Come home and enjoy”. 

Of course, we couldn't forget about the parents and especially the mums at this time of year. For them, we came up with the concept “Good morning". Since September is a crucial time when it comes to getting back into a morning routine. It is also the perfect moment for good intentions for starting the school year with a balanced approach. 

That’s why Alpro made the conscious decision to use direct discounts and not gadgets. This has to do with raising environmental awareness, since working with gadgets does not always have the best impact on nature. 

L!ELENS helped with brainstorming the concepts and the creation of the final material in the shops. We are also in touch with the printing companies to ensure that quality material and the right coding is used. 

25/06/2018 #multi-channel

2018: the year of Amazing Wallonia!

Wallonia Belgium Tourism celebrates the year of Amazing Wallonia.

For this occasion L!ELENS developed a campaign that showcases Wallonia as an original, remarkable and unusual tourist destination. Highlighted from new and fresh angles, it aims to attract as many visitors as possible.

The cosmonaut "Welcome to Wallonia" clearly refers to the Euro Space Center of Redu.


24/06/2018 #activation

45th anniversary: time to celebrate! Brico plays the emotions card!

L!ELENS developed a communication campaign for the 45th anniversary of Brico, focusing on emotions ;) 

Check out the brochures, shops and much more...

19/09/2017 #tv

L!ELENS creates the new TV and radio campaign for ÈGGO's 10th anniversary

The objective of this new advertising campaign, which will be on air in October, no longer needs to focus on brand awareness. For 10 years, ÈGGO has been communicating its concept regularly on TV, radio and through promotional actions using free sheets.

The main objective of this new TV campaign is to position ÈGGO as the must-have partner who perfectly assists the customer from concept to the delivery of his new equipped kitchen. 


Qualitative studies conducted by ÈGGO have shown that one of the main customer barriers to order a new kitchen is the fear of poor service, poor advise, poor support. Sometimes, 8 to 10 weeks pass by between a first request, a first offer, the signing of the order and the final fitting of the kitchen. That's a long time in which the customer may be faced with all kinds of doubts: did I choose the right colour? What about the material? Will the kitchen be delivered on time? When should I take down the existing kitchen? And will the new kitchen be fitted in the right manner? What about plumbing? And what about the appliances?

To remedy all this doubt, ÈGGO now adopts a 100% customer-centric strategy. On its internet portal, each customer finds all the information related to his project, his order (plans and the order itself, real-time production planning, status of the order throughout the different steps, milestones regarding delivery and fitting, etc.), but also practical information, tips & tricks, seasonal recipes to inspire the customer and to maintain permanent contact. This is all done automatically and using an intuitive design. From now on, the customer's experience with ÈGGO will be truly unique, completely serene, starting with the order and up until the final delivery. He will feel satisfied for being treated as a customer and because he always knows the status of his order.


ÈGGO's new TV campaign

To communicate this new customer experience in an original and creative way, L!ELENS has developed a new TV commercial for ÈGGO that is based on the concept of "obsession".

The commercial shows the day of a young woman who sees the new kitchen of her dreams wherever she comes: in her dressing, in her car, even at work... She thinks these bizarre appearances are hallucinations, but in fact she is so obsessed with her kitchen project that she sees it at every corner.

Because she has entrusted the design and fitting of her kitchen to ÈGGO, she enjoys complete peace of mind. The proof? In the end, we see her relaxing in her new kitchen, freshly fitted by ÈGGO.

29/06/2017 #print #radio #tv


Having won the Golden Palace (Group of casinos, games and online sports bets) budget a few months ago, L!ELENS multi-media campaign has been unveiled ‘on air’ over the last few days.

About the concept: “DON’T PLAY JUST ANYWHERE!”, the agency has created a series of humorous situations featuring various characters playing in the wrong place.  A voice over suggests that Golden Palace would be a better place to play safely.

The signature line:  Each message concludes “We take games  very seriously”, highlighting the fact that Golden Palace Casinos and online games respect the BAGO (Belgian Association of Gamin Operators) code of ethics and fully adhere to the serious guidelines necessary for each person in this fun activity.

The campaign exists in TV, cinema, radio and print format.

Client: Golden Palace - Casino & Sports
Contacts: Serge Menegalli, Julie Limbos, Tim Boonen
Agency: L!ELENS
Account Manager: François Vandeghinste
CD: Frédéric Pousset
Creation (AD): Maxim Deliège
Creation (CR): François Daubresse
Film Production Company: Ristretto
Producer: Lies Bronselaer
Director: Kris Debusscher
Radio production Company: Cobra
Photography Production: Uncle Bob
Photographer: Koen Demuynck
Post production: Koen Demuynck

20/03/2017 #print

Good news for future parents!

Beautiful, brand new, all heavy, and it just rolled off the press… 5 months of 5 full-time agency people, 420 pages, 8.345 pictures, 450g of original and useful ideas for mums, dads and their kids between 0 and 13 years old.

Soon to be discovered in all Orchestra shops in Belgium, France and Switzerland! 

16/03/2017 #tv

You’ve got more batteries than you think: the saga continues

In 2011, the agency proposed Bebat a new creative approach based on the fact that returning your batteries to a Bebat collection point allows them to start a new life. That’s why it’s important to bring them back.

The first commercials of the saga showed the transformation of a battery, allowing it to emerge as a new everyday object such as a bicycle, a step, or a swing.

Six years later, the three new commercials continue the idea of new life, but they also show the consumer that he has many more batteries at home than he thinks. When you know that a family of two adults and two children has an average of 127 batteries at home, the message ‘You’ve got many more batteries than you think’ needs no further explanation.

16/05/2016 #tv

Daddy’s not here…

With some topics, getting the message across can be tricky. It’s the case with Tasectan, a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of… diarrhoea!

Yet Tasectan pulled it off with this new TV advert, which follows on the story already developed two years ago for the radio and which revolves around the same concept: daddy misses out on all the good times, simply because he’s stuck… in the toilet.

26/06/2015 #billboard

The agency took the plunge for Océade and Mini-Europe

It all started with a briefing that was mainly aimed at modernising the brand image, maintaining the top of mind and confirming Océade’s place as a leader during the summer period.


The agency suggested a new concept combining digital photography and 3D. The same exercise was suggested to Mini-Europe so as to preserve a sense of graphic consistency between both parks. 

28/04/2015 #tv

Quiet on the set!

This is the third episode of the "Metamorphosis" saga showing used batteries receiving a new lease of life. And it is thanks to this gesture that we are able to protect the planet. The latest episodes nevertheless introduce some new features, such as a more human quality, a more realistic environment and a slightly different storyline etc, however everything remains in keeping with the original episodes.

20/01/2015 #tv

Surprised by the price !

Intermarché Belgique on TV

In 2015, Intermarché België strengthens its “low price” positioning through a new communication concept called “surprised by the price”, which is launched by the Lielens agency.

This new concept is supported on the radio and in flyers from the store. Lielens has also developed a TV campaign, made by Patrick Ridremont and produced by Fouya Production. The TV commercial shows the surprise of Intermarché’s customers over the low prices. This is shown very nicely by the actors of the improvisation association, with simplicity and humour.

28/07/2014 #activation #digital #web

Try to win a Twizy!

27/07/2014 #activation #digital #social #web

Are you going on holiday this summer? Remember not to leave used batteries lying around at home.

Create your own bag and you could win a Nikon 1 S1.

Facebook action supported by the RTB.

26/07/2014 #digital #web

Relooking of the site

HTML5 responsive website.


26/06/2014 #activation #digital #event #PR #social #web

The Alsace Wines at the heart of an innovative media experience

From 19 to 25 May, the #labdavanac, a ‘mobile and hyper-connected newsroom’, with a team of journalists and bloggers went round the vineyards in Alsace.

Coverage, which involved direct contact with the winegrowers, was not only broadcast on various social media and networks, but it also fed interactive sessions in a ‘mobile lounge bar’ dedicated to the Alsace wines and set up on superstore car parks in Belgium.



So a team of bloggers and journalists, press and radio, travelled for a week along the Alsace Wine Route aboard the #labdavanac, seeking to meet producers. They shared experiences and encounters through a series of interactive portraits, photos, videos and online discussions with internet users.

Thanks to the technology from Damien Van Achter’s Van, this mobile newsroom enabled the teams to share their discoveries live.

Content was as varied as radio features, Facebook posts, press articles, tweets (#DrinkAlsace), photos, videos, streaming, Foursquare check-ins… In short, anything that could add extra life and reality to this extraordinary experience. 



An interactive map integrated in Facebook App made it possible to follow the Van live as well as look up a range of geo-localised content.




In parallel to this ‘road trip’ from 19 to 25 May, a ‘Lounge Bar’ travelled through Belgium, stopping at superstore car parks. 

It was in constant communication with the Alsace and the mobile newsroom there. Live-streamed Q&A sessions were organised so as to add extra flavour to the tastings of those Alsace wines produced by the winegrowers they met. 




04/06/2014 #radio

Herve Cheese

Radio campaign including 3 ads on Herve cheese.

26/03/2014 #activation #PoS

Delicious ‘Brasserie’ cooking at home

Point of sales visibility.

Highlight the quality of the ready meal Iglo products at the point of sales and combine this with a 3+1 offer to boost sales. 

27/02/2014 #multi-channel #PoS #print #radio #tv

Èggo was born at L!ELENS

From the creation of the logo and the graphic charter to the communication concept ‘the kitchen of my life’, the agency has been working with the Belgian fitted kitchens company ‘Eggo’ since 2007. The choice of a high-end market position in an extremely competitive context dominated by Ixina and Ikea lies at the root of Eggo’s success: today they have 40 showrooms and are selling over 15,000 fitted kitchens a year.












02/02/2014 #event #social

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® and Art Truc Troc 2014

In line with the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand’s new platform which is, overall, associated with art, Lielens and its departments ‘Mad about You’ (for Facebook) and ‘BeAdvent’ (for the event) have developed an exclusive partnership with Brussels-based artist François Coorens with the aim of further strengthening the brand’s values.




François Coorens created especially for this occasion a new, spectacular work of art exhibited and ‘put into play’ during the 2014 Art Truc Troc event which took place at the BOZAR from 7 to 9 February 2014. In addition to the event, the action is carried on via Facebook with a competition allowing all of the brand’s fans to win a print of the original artwork, signed by the artist.





01/01/2014 #tv

New Life campaign

Sequel to the first TV campaign in which Bebat shows several objects made from used batteries once they’ve been recycled. 

02/02/2013 #activation


To show the transparency of the Matrix rate table for lease cars by means of animation. 

01/02/2013 #e-commerce #PoS #radio #seo-sem

Launch and development of an online tyre retail website

Design and development of an online tyre retail website with branch-by-branch appointment setting.


Supported by a radio campaign, the folder, AdWords and POS equipment. 





01/01/2013 #tv

Transformation campaign

Bebat gives new life to your used batteries. 3 TV adverts show the viewer which type of batteries should be dropped at a Bebat collection point and explain what will be done with these batteries. 

The transformation of a used battery into a butterfly symbolises the new life granted to the battery as Bebat ensures that every singled battery handed in is being recycled.

16/07/2010 #tv

€5,000 and no need for justification

It’s possible with Cofidis Direct Cash. 

€5,000 into your account without having to explain what you intend to do with it. A flexible, fast and no-questions-asked option you won’t get from traditional banks…


16/07/2009 #tv #web

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Cofidis France has asked Lielens to create 4 films, to be mainly broadcast online, aimed at raising consumers’ awareness of ‘high-risk credit’. Too much or too high credit can lead to unpleasant surprises for customers in the long term. Better consult the Cofidis Credit Advisers.