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06/11/2018 #billboard

Gruyère AOP, a partner to Lielens from generation to generation

Swiss cheeses have been Lielens loyal clients for three years and have decided to launch a new large-scale campaign for one of their flagship products: Gruyère AOP. 

Gruyère is probably the most well-known cheese in the world. Recognition that has earned it the AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) label, ensuring that quality products are produced, processed and created in the region of origin. In the lush, plentiful valleys of the Fribourg Canton, is a small village whose name will excite your taste buds: Gruyères. It is here that the famous cheese with its unique, refined flavour has been produced, based on an unchanged recipe, since 1115. 

It is precisely this tradition that the campaign seeks to highlight: in a world of constant change, there is still a reliable asset: high-quality, unique Gruyère AOP. The images depict the famous cheesemaker’s son. The first images will appear on several More O’Ferralls in the week starting 5th November. 


Client : Switzerland Cheese Marketing, Vincent Bresmal, Jenna Vanslambrouck
Agency: Lielens
Creative Director : Frederic Pousset
Art Director : Frédéric Pousset / Yves Compère
Copywriter : Frédéric Pousset
Photography/ Retouching : Tom Swaelens
Accounts : Deborah Vandenkerckhof, Sandra Wille
Prepress : Elodie Latorrata