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16/03/2017 #tv

You’ve got more batteries than you think: the saga continues

In 2011, the agency proposed Bebat a new creative approach based on the fact that returning your batteries to a Bebat collection point allows them to start a new life. That’s why it’s important to bring them back.

The first commercials of the saga showed the transformation of a battery, allowing it to emerge as a new everyday object such as a bicycle, a step, or a swing.

Six years later, the three new commercials continue the idea of new life, but they also show the consumer that he has many more batteries at home than he thinks. When you know that a family of two adults and two children has an average of 127 batteries at home, the message ‘You’ve got many more batteries than you think’ needs no further explanation.

28/04/2015 #tv

Quiet on the set!

This is the third episode of the "Metamorphosis" saga showing used batteries receiving a new lease of life. And it is thanks to this gesture that we are able to protect the planet. The latest episodes nevertheless introduce some new features, such as a more human quality, a more realistic environment and a slightly different storyline etc, however everything remains in keeping with the original episodes.

22/10/2014 #activation #event

An exclusive after-work party at “Le Soir’s Fabulous Garden” offers a unique urban ecological experience

As part of a project aimed at raising awareness about sustainable development, started by the daily newspaper Le Soir, Bebat has, with the support of L!IELENS, offered a Brussels business a unique urban and eco-citizen experience: an exclusive after work-party at “Le Soir’s Fabulous Garden”, located within the Maelbeek Valley gardens, a ‘green lung’ of
6,000 m2 at the heart of Brussels.

Bebat and Le Soir have joined forces to try and achieve sustainable development for our planet by offering an after-work party, exclusively for the company which will have collected the most used batteries!

27/07/2014 #activation #digital #social #web

Are you going on holiday this summer? Remember not to leave used batteries lying around at home.

Create your own bag and you could win a Nikon 1 S1.

Facebook action supported by the RTB.

01/01/2014 #tv

New Life campaign

Sequel to the first TV campaign in which Bebat shows several objects made from used batteries once they’ve been recycled. 

01/01/2013 #tv

Transformation campaign

Bebat gives new life to your used batteries. 3 TV adverts show the viewer which type of batteries should be dropped at a Bebat collection point and explain what will be done with these batteries. 

The transformation of a used battery into a butterfly symbolises the new life granted to the battery as Bebat ensures that every singled battery handed in is being recycled.