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19/09/2017 #tv

L!ELENS creates the new TV and radio campaign for ÈGGO's 10th anniversary

The objective of this new advertising campaign, which will be on air in October, no longer needs to focus on brand awareness. For 10 years, ÈGGO has been communicating its concept regularly on TV, radio and through promotional actions using free sheets.

The main objective of this new TV campaign is to position ÈGGO as the must-have partner who perfectly assists the customer from concept to the delivery of his new equipped kitchen. 


Qualitative studies conducted by ÈGGO have shown that one of the main customer barriers to order a new kitchen is the fear of poor service, poor advise, poor support. Sometimes, 8 to 10 weeks pass by between a first request, a first offer, the signing of the order and the final fitting of the kitchen. That's a long time in which the customer may be faced with all kinds of doubts: did I choose the right colour? What about the material? Will the kitchen be delivered on time? When should I take down the existing kitchen? And will the new kitchen be fitted in the right manner? What about plumbing? And what about the appliances?

To remedy all this doubt, ÈGGO now adopts a 100% customer-centric strategy. On its internet portal, each customer finds all the information related to his project, his order (plans and the order itself, real-time production planning, status of the order throughout the different steps, milestones regarding delivery and fitting, etc.), but also practical information, tips & tricks, seasonal recipes to inspire the customer and to maintain permanent contact. This is all done automatically and using an intuitive design. From now on, the customer's experience with ÈGGO will be truly unique, completely serene, starting with the order and up until the final delivery. He will feel satisfied for being treated as a customer and because he always knows the status of his order.


ÈGGO's new TV campaign

To communicate this new customer experience in an original and creative way, L!ELENS has developed a new TV commercial for ÈGGO that is based on the concept of "obsession".

The commercial shows the day of a young woman who sees the new kitchen of her dreams wherever she comes: in her dressing, in her car, even at work... She thinks these bizarre appearances are hallucinations, but in fact she is so obsessed with her kitchen project that she sees it at every corner.

Because she has entrusted the design and fitting of her kitchen to ÈGGO, she enjoys complete peace of mind. The proof? In the end, we see her relaxing in her new kitchen, freshly fitted by ÈGGO.

27/02/2014 #multi-channel #PoS #print #radio #tv

Èggo was born at L!ELENS

From the creation of the logo and the graphic charter to the communication concept ‘the kitchen of my life’, the agency has been working with the Belgian fitted kitchens company ‘Eggo’ since 2007. The choice of a high-end market position in an extremely competitive context dominated by Ixina and Ikea lies at the root of Eggo’s success: today they have 40 showrooms and are selling over 15,000 fitted kitchens a year.