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27/06/2018 #billboard #radio

Golden Palace and L!ELENS bet on reds!

And no… not the Red Devils!

L!ELENS developed a new campaign for Golden Palace with the title: "Bet everything on red!s” 

While the whole world is going crazy over football, Golden Palace Casino & Sports show us that there is more to life than football. 

The term “red” in the title does not refer to our Devil's football shirts but to the red areas on a roulette table. The radio campaign also gives the floor to a sports journalist who reports on a game of roulette.

Golden Palace offers relaxation and entertainment in one of its 45 gaming rooms or online platform. Don’t wait: you’ll get a 500-euro bonus!

Golden Palace et  L!ELENS misent tout sur les rouges !
29/06/2017 #print #radio #tv


Having won the Golden Palace (Group of casinos, games and online sports bets) budget a few months ago, L!ELENS multi-media campaign has been unveiled ‘on air’ over the last few days.

About the concept: “DON’T PLAY JUST ANYWHERE!”, the agency has created a series of humorous situations featuring various characters playing in the wrong place.  A voice over suggests that Golden Palace would be a better place to play safely.

The signature line:  Each message concludes “We take games  very seriously”, highlighting the fact that Golden Palace Casinos and online games respect the BAGO (Belgian Association of Gamin Operators) code of ethics and fully adhere to the serious guidelines necessary for each person in this fun activity.

The campaign exists in TV, cinema, radio and print format.

Client: Golden Palace - Casino & Sports
Contacts: Serge Menegalli, Julie Limbos, Tim Boonen
Agency: L!ELENS
Account Manager: François Vandeghinste
CD: Frédéric Pousset
Creation (AD): Maxim Deliège
Creation (CR): François Daubresse
Film Production Company: Ristretto
Producer: Lies Bronselaer
Director: Kris Debusscher
Radio production Company: Cobra
Photography Production: Uncle Bob
Photographer: Koen Demuynck
Post production: Koen Demuynck