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27/06/2018 #activation #PoS

Back to School

September is always an important time of year for Alpro. Since children go back to school. So the link to Alpro sounds perfectly logical but nevertheless, for two years now, Alpro has been using an adapted strategy. Children are not allowed to take as many soft drinks and flavoured drinks to school. That’s why Alpro focuses more on afternoon snack time. After a long day at school the children can treat themselves to a natural drink full of flavour. That is where the new concept comes from: “Come home and enjoy”. 

Of course, we couldn't forget about the parents and especially the mums at this time of year. For them, we came up with the concept “Good morning". Since September is a crucial time when it comes to getting back into a morning routine. It is also the perfect moment for good intentions for starting the school year with a balanced approach. 

That’s why Alpro made the conscious decision to use direct discounts and not gadgets. This has to do with raising environmental awareness, since working with gadgets does not always have the best impact on nature. 

L!ELENS helped with brainstorming the concepts and the creation of the final material in the shops. We are also in touch with the printing companies to ensure that quality material and the right coding is used.